Welcome, intrepid explorer! You find yourself standing on the First Floor of the sprawling ReLeaf Organic Media Collections & Botanical Gardens. A sense of wonder washes over you as you realize you're surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and natural beauty.

Directly ahead, you see two grand, ornate doors. Each door leads to one of the most visited rooms within this treasure trove of a library. One door is adorned with intricate designs of rivers and creeks, signaling the entrance to the Watersheds Collection. The other door is decorated with an array of book spines, bookmarks, and paper leaves, inviting you into the Big Free Library.

In the Watersheds Collection, you can immerse yourself in writings and other media that celebrate beloved watersheds like Shoal Creek, Waller Creek, and even Marigold Town's very own Settler's Creek. It's a room where each creek, river, and tributary tells its own story, awaiting your discovery.

Alternatively, step into the Big Free Library—a haven for book lovers. This ever-growing collection is dedicated to promoting the circulation of books and other forms of organic media. Here, every shelf offers a new adventure, a new perspective, and an opportunity to engage with the world in a different way.

Now, adventurer, the choice is yours: Which room will you explore first?

License: CC BY-SA 4.0